Meet the Surrogates Mercedes Gray

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Alma Mater: University of Texas at Austin

Zodiac: Libra


Account Management

What kind of Surrogate is Mercedes?

Homegrown Austinite interested in the brave new world of social media analytics. Nerdy number cruncher, question asker and storyteller, hoping to take in as much as I can and apply it to what I do daily. I’m looking to attend panels on social, mobile and digital media and the measurement behind it all. I’ll sneak in some good food and Austin fun, updating Instagram, Twitter and Facebook along the way.

Professional Interests

Content StrategyEmerging Tech/MobileSocial Media

Austin Expertise

The Eats

Mercedes's Austin Trinity

Eat: Justine's Drink: Draught House Pub Do: The Continental Club

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Mercedes's Austin Trinity (Eat Drink Do)